In the Aftermath of a global Collapse, Billions are dying and Americans find themselves without food, fuel or electrical power. What happens next and who will survive?

   Having grown up in both the frist and thrid worlds and spending three decades engaged in farming has left me with grave concerns reguarding the direction of modern civilization. The increase in population, the decrease of locally grown livestock and produce, and the consolidation of agriculture and industry  into a global ecomony have, I believe, created a house of cards.
    Should the right series of events occur it would result in the major disruption of transportation. Without ships, trains, and trucks crossing the country cities would soon exhaust all sources of fuel and food leading to a sudden snowball effect whereby the country and civilization collapses.
 Each Wall series novel follows a diverse set of characters in their desprate  struggle for survival.  I have employed the experience gained over seven decades of living in order to make make Wall  and the characters as realistic as is fictionally possible.